Deponti Pigato

Pigato Veranda

The Pigato is a high-end aluminium veranda with a steel reinforced gutter profile. That makes it possible to have this veranda with safety glass roofing installed. Due to this clear roofing you can always enjoy perfect lighting, and can even enjoy the trees, birds or stars from under your veranda, giving it a sense of enrichment and pure luxury.

The Deponti Pigato comes standard in a width of 4, 5, 6 and 7 meters. The Pigato can be endlessly extended, meaning that you can widen the veranda to your liking. The Pigato has a depth of 2.5, 3, 3.5 of 4 meters. It’s available in the colours traffic white texturized (RAL9016), cream white (RAL9001) and grey texturized (RAL7024). You can choose a round or classic decorative gutter and half round or square posts. Optionally, the Pigato can be fitted with various accessories, such as a side gable, side wall, glass sliding doors or LED lighting.

Deponti Options

Create your perfect veranda. Ask about our Deponti optional extras which can include Side Walls and Doors to effectively transform your new installation into a Glass Room other options include LED Lighting, differing grades of Polycarbonate Roofing, Side Gables and Patio Heaters, plus much more.

Colours Traffic white texturized (RAL9016) / Cream white (RAL9001) /Grey texturized (RAL7024)
Gutter Round or victorian*
Posts Half-Round or Square
Roofing 4.4.2. laminated clear safety glass or polycarbonate (Opal / Clear / Ultra clear/ Solar control)
Width(mm) 4060/5060/6060/7060 or a multiple thereof
Depth (mm) 2500/3000/3500/4000


  • Side Wall

    Available in both polycarbonate and glass

  • Sliding Doors

    Turn your veranda into a luxury garden room

  • Side Gable

    Covers the sloped area between the roof and side wall

  • Polycarbonate Grades

    Various grades from opaque to translucent

  • Led Lights

    Enjoy your veranda into the night

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